About Dr. Hartman McGilley’s Services

About Dr. Hartman McGilley's Services

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Thank you for enlisting my psychotherapy services. I am honored to have the opportunity to collaborate in your mental health care and well-being. The following information is provided to answer questions you may have about my professional background, psychotherapy, confidentiality, appointments, and my fees and billing procedures. Please feel free to ask questions at any time about the information provided.


Professional Background


I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology from the University of Kansas. I completed my clinical internship at the University of Kansas School of Medicine–Wichita in 1987. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and I have practice psychotherapy for 30 years. Although trained as a generalist, I’ve specialized in the treatment of eating disorders, trauma, grief, and athletes. Since 2003, I have added sports psychology and performance enhancement to my areas of specialty. I am a Fellow with the Academy for Eating Disorders (FAED), a distinction given to those who’ve made significant contributions to the field of eating disorders, as well as a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist (CEDS). I am an associate professor with the University of Kansas School Of Medicine, and I am a co-founder and past president of the Healing Path Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and awareness of eating disorders in Kansas. I train and supervise therapists and physicians in eating disorders treatment, as well as publish and lecture, nationally and internationally, on these and other topics. I co-authored the book, Treatment of Eating Disorders; Bridging the Research-Practice Gap (2010), and I am an editor for the journal, Eating Disorders Treatment & Prevention. I speak frequently to professional and lay audiences on topics related to eating disorders, body image, and trauma. I am in the process of receiving training in the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and will receive my certificate in June, 2015.


About Psychotherapy


I view therapy as an equal partnership and I practice from a feminist perspective. This means that contrary to a traditional medical model, in which the doctor is viewed as the expert and patients are more passive participants in their own care, I view my clients as their own experts and as active members of the treatment process. I will bring my expertise in psychotherapy to the relationship, and fully collaborate in your efforts to obtain your therapeutic goals. You will define the areas to address and the changes you want to make. Psychotherapy is a serious undertaking and requires your concerted efforts and involvement in and between sessions. Psychotherapy has risks and benefits. It typically requires your willingness to discuss, feel and address unpleasant issues, feelings and circumstances. Intensification of feelings such as anger, fear, sadness or guilt is common and natural during the psychotherapy process. I will do my utmost to provide you the safety, support, and skills to effectively experience and address these feelings. The benefits of psychotherapy include improved self-esteem, mood, relationships, and communication, as well as diminished anxiety, distress and self destructive behaviors. Change is as difficult as it is liberating. There are no guarantees of what you will experience, but I will endeavor to do my professional best to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate in your health and healing!




Adult Patients:  Providing and protecting patient’s confidentiality is a primary obligation of psychologists. Your rights to privacy are a cornerstone of the treatment relationship and I will uphold those rights to the full extent of my ethical and legal capacity. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) is a federal law designed to provide privacy protection and patient rights with regard to the use and disclosure of your Protected Health Information (PHI) used for the purposes of treatment, payment and health care operations. This privacy notice describes how psychological (and medical) information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. A copy of the HIPPA notice is available in the waiting room, and/or I can provide you with a copy for your convenience. Except for the particular psychiatric or legal reasons noted below, your PHI will only be released by your informed, written consent.  Your signature on this Agreement indicates you have read and understand this policy as well as the following situations that may require a release of your PHI:

–If I suspect or am made aware of child abuse, neglect or molestation of a person under the age of 18, I am ethically and legally required to report it to the appropriate authorities.

–If I deem that you are a danger to yourself or others, I am ethically and legally required to seek hospitalization, contact family members or enlist others who can provide you appropriate protection and support.

–I will occasionally need to consult with other professionals about your care. During consultation, I make every effort to avoid revealing the identity of my patient. When it’s necessary to reveal your identity, I will seek your consent. Other professionals are similarly bound to maintain patient confidentiality.

–If you choose to use your insurance benefits, there may be times when your insurance company requests clinical information to process claims or for quality review. I will inform you of these requests and allow you to make a decision about releasing the requested information.

Treatment of Minors:  I will discuss confidentiality with your child and I will assure them that I will strive to ensure their privacy. However, I will also explain that they do not have the same rights to confidentiality as adults (specifically regarding the reporting of known or suspected abuse), and that if I become aware of information that is critical for their family or other doctors  to know, we will come up with a plan together to share that information safely and constructively.




My services are provided by appointment only. Traditionally, psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes long. I am also available to schedule longer sessions to do more intensive work if this would better serve your therapeutic needs. For the convenience of all my clients, appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance.  Late cancellations will be charged $100 and you will be personally responsible for these charges at the next appointment. Standing appointment times will be reserved at your request.  However, I will cancel a standing appointment time after 2 no shows if I don’t hear from you.


Fees & Billing Procedures


My practice operates as a ‘self-pay’ model, and I do not contract with any third party payer (i.e. I am out of network with all insurance companies). This means that patients pay in full at the time of service for each session, and I will provide you with the necessary information and paper work to file your own insurance claims. You will then get reimbursed directly for any covered out of network benefits from your carrier. In most cases, your out of network benefits will be slightly lower (usually a percentage of the allowed amount for that service) than if you use a contracting provider. If you have not already, please consult with your insurance carrier to determine your annual benefits for out of network mental health services. It is important for our work that you make an informed and thoughtful decision about your mental health care. Below is a list of the typical services I provide and the associated billing codes that your insurance company may need to know to give you accurate information about your benefits:

Initial Diagnostic Interview (90791–120 min): $280.00

Psychotherapy (90834–50 min): $140.00

Group Therapy (90853–120 min): $75.00

Marital/Family Therapy (90847–50 min): $140.00

Legal Related Services (Hourly rate) $200.00

Telephone Therapy Calls will be charged by the quarter hour (e.g. 15 min, $35)

If you are using insurance and your policy requires a physician’s referral, or a treatment pre-authorization for psychotherapy, it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary referrals prior to beginning treatment. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any further questions with regard to my fees or billing procedures. I am looking forward to collaborating in your care!


Beth Hartman McGilley, Ph.D., FAED, CEDS
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Fellow, Academy for Eating Disorders
Certified Eating Disorders Specialist
Associate Professor, UKSM-W, Dept of Psychiatry